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Train Delay Compensation

Every year millions of journeys are delayed by train every year by at least 15 minutes and most people do not even know they are due compensation.

This used to be because the train companies would make it very difficult for you to claim.

But now we have Delayed Repay where train operators have to by law give compensation when their trains are delayed and it is their fault

We provide the links to every single provider so to start your claim is literally 1 click away.

Answers to Your Questions

How long after being delayed can I claim?

28 days

How long do I need to be delayed for to be due compensation?

There are 2 types of compensation DR15 and DR30, one for 15 minute delays and one for 30 minute delays.

Can I claim on a season ticket?

Yes you can all operators have different procedures but they will compensate you if you are on a season ticket.

Do all train operators do this?

Yes, by law all train operators have to do it.

Will I get cash?

The most common method is to refund back to the card you paid with however you can choose where you want the payment to be sent in most cases

What do I need?

As a minimum you will need your ticket and your method of payment.

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